Listen on your phone

These episodes are LONG. I do them this way because people are (generally) happy to talk for 90 minutes or so and I think its worth sharing it all.

I’ve used podcasts for years now and always use a portable device (phone or tablet) because I can use time when I’m busy but my brain is not engaged (driving, doing chores etc).

I noticed that many of my visitors are using their computers instead. Which must be a pain.When you use a podcast app on a phone you subscribe to the podcast, meaning its easy to see new episodes when they come up; also you can download them to your device and listen to them where-ever you are.

Here’s all you need to do:

iPhone: use this link to learn about subscribing to a podcast. Use the search option and look for ‘Imagine My Relief’. Subscribe and you’re done.

Android: (i.e. pretty much every other phone):

  • Open the Play Store app to install a podcast app (I use ‘Podcast Addict’)
  • When the podcast app is installed use its search to find ‘Imagine My Relief’ and subscribe.
  • Check that the search includes the iTunes search engine (the Podcast Addict app lets you choose this pretty clearly) can also help you get started on a non-Apple phone.

Now all you need to do is open the podcast app whenever you’re ready and the episodes will be there for you.

Spotify Users:  It’s there too: “Imagine my relief”