Guesting on the podcast.

My aim is to gather together people working on different sides of the climate change issue. This way people who are concerned about the problem and would like to get involved find out about people they can talk to, groups they could join and actions that inspire them.

So if I’ve asked you about joining me on the couch its because I believe you have a story to tell. So here are some things you ought to know before you come along.

  • I will make you a tasty snack. Mostly low carbon, though I can do a better cheese scone than your mum.
  • You have full veto. Before publishing I will share the audio with you. You can choose to cut any (or all) of the conversation.
  • I have a short list of questions – between three and five. They seed the conversation rather than drive it. When we run dry on one subject we pick up the next.
  • We talk about whatever we like. A good podcast is about the quality of the conversation. This probably the reverse of a media sound bite. So look at it that way; you will have time to tell the things you want to get across without rushing.

As I write this the number of listeners is very small but pretty interested, and the conversations have been terrific. The published episode might not get a lot of listeners up front, but it will remain there as a reference to anyone wondering about your topic. Over time I hope to connect many of the disparate dots in this problem so that people can start to understand the things that are happening around us every day, from weather events to political outcomes. I can’t do this without your input, and I am very grateful for it.