We belong with each other: David Goldsmith.

David at the start of his hunger strike.

Last month, David Goldsmith and Tim Musson came to Wellington from Christchurch and moved into Viard House, a part of the Catholic Cathedral in Hill Street: right across the road from Paliament.

This was part of a new movement, E Tū for Future. David and Tim spent the next month at the base of the Richard Seddon statue, in front of the Beehive. David went on a 21 day hunger strike; consuming nothing but a little bone broth every day.

Lorraine Tyler is the interviewer in this episode. She has recorded more talks with David and veteran campaigner Molly Melhuish, who also joined us on the lawn.

The next two episodes (at least) will also come from the recordings around the statue as the E Tū vigil leads into the coming election.