Climate news: About some hats.

Where we help someone’s uncle make better choices at the gift shop, the breakfast menu closes at 11 and if I had a dollar for every dead animal in Australia I’d buy a yacht with a yacht inside.

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Wanting to throw some light on the climate issue.

One thought on “Climate news: About some hats.”

  1. Cheers for that, made my day in a black comedic kind of way. Aussie and Kiwi in a neck-and-neck race to be extinction capital of the world – surely not our greatest achievement or aspiration, but … On that note, Geoff Park’s 1995 classic ‘Nga Uruora’ should be prerequisite reading for all politicians entering the Beehive, and on the curriculum of every school. And Terrence Loomis’ ‘Predatory Delay Diaries’ provides insight into the forces at work re fossil fuels here – worth a read as well.


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