From the outside you probably imagine those caught up in climate action to be a somber
lot. How could you face all of this gloom and not be.

It turns out that the reverse is true. It’s teeming with life and frequently bursting into
song. I spent an hour of this inconceivable moment at the beach with the astonishing Marcus Carambola.

Becoming Porous: Buddhism and Activism

Spend long enough staring into this problem and we all come to the same thought: we’ve been looking at everything the wrong way. Things we never questioned growing up turn out to be not just wrong but wrong in layers.

With so little time left, how could we pause for reflection at all. And without changing massively, how could we not. Sounds like a koan.

I spent an evening in the company of Alex Litherland and Kate Martin, two buddhists who found their their path converging with ours.

Later, when I sat down to edit the sound file I saw frequent spikes in one channel. That’s Kate bursting into laughter.