Waiting with Ollie

One day a man gets up from his desk and goes to a hardware store. He buys paint, some sticks of wood and makes himself a sign. He takes it to parliament and holds it all day.

Next day, he and the sign return. And the next, and the next.

He’s been at it, without a single break, for two months now. When the storms come he climbs into a kind of shroud, clinging to the sign like Odysseus at the mast.

This is the story of Ollie Langridge.

The Climate Justice Taranaki Just Transitions Conference

On 15th June 2019 Climate Justice Taranaki hosted a one day conference.

The Just Transition Summit organised by the central government was top-down and profit-driven. To ensure our transition to a low emission society is fit for purpose and socially just, the community must drive it.

Their page for the conference is here.

These are the video from each of the sessions.

Opening Sessions

Climate Emergency: Professor James Renwick.

Social impacts of onshore oil & gas drilling in Taranaki: Sarah Roberts, Taranaki Energy Watch

Panel: Youth Vision and Power

Sustainable energy systems Community energy resilience Prof. Alan Brent
Tihikura Hohaia & Josh Curd, Taiepa Tiketike: Passive Resistance to Climate Change at Parihaka
Hydrogen and carbon capture & storage: Tim Forcey
Bioenergy: Brian Cox, Bioenergy Association of NZ (online)
Jen Natoli, E Tū
Tiri Bailey, NZEI te Riu Roa
Natalie Wiseman, Venture Taranaki Trust
Catherine Cheung, Climate Justice Taranaki
Emily Bailey, Te Whenui Tōmuri Trust: Indigenous solutions

Fiona Young: Regenerative Agriculture
Kama Burwell, Greenbridge: Can farming be a solution?
Carl & Kati Freeman, Freeman Farm
Janet Hunt and Tony Collins, Forest & Bird
Franziska von Hunerbein, Crop Swap Aotearoa