Greenpeace: Looking ahead with Amanda Larsson

The talk with Greenpeace is well overdue. Amanda Larsson and I kept this talk a little shorter, it being skype and all, and we cracked into the wins from 2018, the campaigns ahead for 2019 (in particular the Solarise initiative) and the inspirations rising from the newer groups, 350, GenZero, and now Extinction Rebellion. Its been a long time since Greenpeace’s formation in the seventies, still much of the rules remain the same. People are stepping up and thinking about how to act, and there’s loads of movements to add some weight to when you’re ready.

Thanks to Amanda for taking the time, thanks to Greenpeace for the long, long battles they have fought, and sorry everyone for taking so long to release this episode. It was recorded a few weeks back and things are picking up speed.

04:19 Offshore Exploration Campaign
05:49 Exxon and Greenpeace in the 70s
06:49 Choosing campaigns, systemic problems
08:19 Predatory delay – seeing the tactics
10:19 Tactics to pin the blame in the wrong place – conditions for denial
13:49 Humans adaptability to rapid change
14:49 The influence of newer organisations GenZero and 350
16:09 Changes to activists’ approach after COP15
19:49 Changes to way large and small groups work together
21:49 Climate-adjacent organisations
22:49 Solarise campaign
24:49 Government departments actively discouraging solar
25:49 Injustices in the energy sector
26:19 Large power companies incented by price to use more expensive fossil fuels for energy
27:19 Costs of energy shifting from industry to domestic
28:19 Solar returning control of energy to the individual
29:04 The grid becoming more intelligent
32:09 Solarise as a phase shift – developing plans instead of opposing actions
34:04 The oil industry as a template for the corrupting influences of power
34:49 Energy businesses that love EVs but hate solar
35:49 Watching business feedback during the Crown Minerals Act submissions
38:59 Oil industry lack of just transition plan for their workers
41:09 ‘They’re misguided!’ – the rhetoric around those watching the activists
42:09 Extinction Rebellion and the school strikes
43:49 The stories that are already there, the stories still to be told in NZ
44:49 The false arguments to continue using fossil fuels
46:09 ‘What other thing concerns you’ – violence against women
47:39 People with privilege exerting power over systems that are more marginalised
49:49 Looking back on the winds from 2018
50:59 The long, long game of activism
52:19 Other groups that have inspired recently – the Pipeline battles in North America
54:19 The combination of different people from different backgrounds
50:54 The genii wish

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