Just doing tomorrow: Suzi Kerr

Suzi Kerr, for Motu Economic and Public Policy Research. Photo credit: Stephen A’Court. COPYRIGHT ©Stephen A’Court

Motu is a charitable trust, founded in 2000 with the aim of to promoting well informed and reasoned debate on public policy issues relevant to New Zealand decision making.

The institute aims to be fully independent, with no expressed ideology or political position. Their research reports include such areas as innovation and productivity, climate change, emissions trading, well being and housing affordability.

Motu was named the top climate think tank in Oceania 2015 by the International Centre for Climate goverenance. It has been named one of the top ten global economic think tanks by the Research Papers in Economics website.

Suzi Kerr is a Senior fellow at Motu and has worked on climate change since graduating from Harvard in 1995 with a Phd in Economics. She is also a member of New Zealand’s climate change commission. Note that she does not speak for the commission in this discussion.

I came to see her at Motu’s offices in Cuba Street and we tried imagining a future where emissions are finally under control.

01:34 Motu's approach and the space they occupy
03:35 The urgency graph since 1995
04:18 Acticely choosing optimism
05:40 Rapid change and Electric cars
07:20 We are small, but everywhere is small
08:14 Inducing responses from others
09:10 The high level negotiations work in the same way as the small ones
11:34 The painful formal process
12:40 The democracy you can touch
14:04 The sea change - open sourcing politics and policy
15:30 Preparing for the moment when the political and social climate is ready
17:18 Our role in the world
18:00 Its safe for you to say "I care too"
19:00 Comparing to the open source revolution
20:55 The way to shift a large complex system
22:00 What can you as part of this complex system
23:00 How could you enable EVs?
24:50 What is the one single change you want the most?
26:40 Agricultural emissions
28:30 The two basics of methane
30:45 Are we already geoengineering?
31:25 Fifty years on: the collaboration required
35:20 Fifty years on: what it will look like
38:20 Decarbonising over the last 100 years
40:10 How do you know when reductions are lucky accident
43:10 The momentum of the last four years
46:30 CNG and retrofitting cars - solutions from the sidelines
52:20 The thinking needs to pervade everything
54:15 When its not your day job
58:10 The importance of getting the right stories