Nicky Hager: the chemistry of change (Climate change in New Zealand)



I’ve known Nicky Hager for a few years now and we’ve rarely talked shop. I tend to gush a little over my guests on this podcast, and for that reason I’ll keep this intro short. He is extraordinary, John Pilger and Seymour Hersh can tell you that. He has spoken truth to power fearlessly for more than forty years. In the last week the Labour government announced an end to offshore oil exploration; the culmination of seven years of work by individuals and organisations committed to addressing climate change in a meaningful way. In the same week Attorney-General David Parker announced a government inquiry into Operation Burnham; the 2010 SAS raid in Afghanistan that was the subject of the book he co-authored with Jon Stephenson, Hit and Run.

We talked about the chemistry of change: why it’s hard to get, and why people work for it.