Down the road from Parihaka – resisting oil and gas in Taranaki

Lyndon Devantier and Catherine Cheung are ocean scientists and activists living on the side of Mount Taranaki, just down the road from Parihaka.
They came to Taranaki in 2009 and became aware of the deep roots the region has in oil and gas extraction.

They also live in the place where non violent resistance was born.


Lyndon and Catherine and now deep into the biggest fight you could have in Taranaki, and they will be involved in the Climate Summit alongside Oil free Wellington and a raft of other activists in the next couple of weeks.

I say this all the time – I was overwhelmed by the courage and warmth of my guests. When you are ready to enter this fray you will find yourself in finest company there is. Thank you again, Lyndon and Catherine, for your time, and see you again soon.

Sunday the 25th 10 to 5 at the Dowse in Lower Hutt for information on moving on from Oil and Gas this weekend.

02:09 - Lyndon's story - discovering the extraction in the energy province
08:14 - Catherine's story - joining Climate Justice Taranaki and learning about fracking in NZ
12:09 - Taranaki's deep investments in fossil fuels and dairy.
14:20 - Food security and self reliance.
16:46 - Models and current trends in ocean temperatures
17:42 - Picking the right trees
20:04 - Motunui - Gas to gasoline.
21:19 - The methanol industry, fracking, fugitive emissions and urea
22:43 - Gas as a transition fuel and other myths
24:60 - Intergenerational Inequity
25:56 - Adam Smith and protecting the common people from the industrialists
26:46 - Separation of powers lost and secret meetings with the oil industry
28:27 - Taranaki regional council monitoring reports and consents to discharges contaminants into air and rivers
31:45 - Recent drought and climate change affects on the farm
37:30 - Key pieces of legislation that prevent us considering climate change
39:44 - Lawyers and the Pacific Ocean Climate Change conference
41:44 - The other activists - Gen Zero and 350
42:37 - The need for policy and legislation changes to reflect reality
43:43 - Government agencies participating in the search for minable methane clathrate - the smoking gun of mass extinction
48:24 - Climate rally in Wellington
52:14 - Industry, denial and muddying the waters
54:17 - GeoEngineering proposals and particulates from burning fuels - the double curse
58:02 - Growing awareness, district council to join global convenant
59:32 - Local governments now having to deal with consequences
01:01:46 - What would you most like to see happen now
01:02:34 - Taranaki Energy watch taking council to Environment Court - needing financial support
01:07:15 - Petroleum conference - saying no to more block offers
01:08:24 - EPA currently going after Mike Joy
01:11:46 - Legislation change required to stop these groups from being hamstrung 
01:13:39 - Onshore drilling and mining - landowners learning they can lock the gate
01:19:46 - Many climate change skeptics now quietly rescinding their views 
01:21:06 - Last thoughts - come to the rally - get involved.

This episode was recorded in Okato, New Zealand.

Next episode I hope to talk with Amanda Thomas, lecturer at the school of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences at Victoria university. We’ll be taking a look at activism and violence, looking at a paper she co-authored about a event in Dunedin – we’ll also be discussing the outcome of the Wellington Oil Summit.