Blockadia with the Pacific climate warriors – 350 Aotearoa

Aaron Packard of 350 Aotearoa joined me for this episode. He is part of the global movement dedicated to climate action.

We talked about his work in the pacific, the new government, and the power of funds divestment.

I mentioned a bit from Vox about nuclear power – here’s a link to their video on the subject:

02:20 Aaron and Gecko, Launch of 350 2008
07:00 Cook Islands - another white guy with another idea. 
11:40 Waiting for a government that takes climate change seriously.
14:00 James Renwick Connecting news events to climate change
18:20 Water crisis in Cape Town
22:05 Combining action across a variety of groups - collaborate and amplify
24:30 Joining 350
26:50 Relaunch of fossil free campaign, churchs and universities divesting
28:30 Providing tools to start campaigns
30:30 You nuclear moment
34:15 Government since the election
39:35 Previous government and hoax conspiracies
40:15 Climate hawks and nuclear power (see the Vox piece
42:00 Decoalonisation - dirty coal from China to Africa
45:50 Blockadia in Australia's largest coal port with the Pacific Climate Warriors
53:25 Where are people at - the way humans expand
58:30 Opening up to the way different cultures relate to the earth
1:00:04 Stages of grief and addiction
1:08:00 Getting the 10% - sparking an unstoppable energy revolution
1:13:30 Education
1:16:50 Talking with sceptics
1:18:00 Katherine Hayhoe - getting people to talk about climate change

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Wanting to throw some light on the climate issue.

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